Why Everyone Needs A Blood Test For Herpes

[embedded content] Lesions reappear at the same site as the original infection, but usually are much less severe. So I said I have herpes and i take the anti virals he seemed suprised so he asked me how i was diagnosed. If the 2nd test # was higher or lower, would that tell me if it’s something new to my body or if I’ve had it awhile? really was no reason to test like you have. There really is no such thing as – cold sores “it is simplex herpes simplex 1 of the mouth or face. If you do receive antibiotics and do not feel better a couple of days, tell your medical provider as there have been reports of antibiotic resistant shigella. That only a pap smear could tell me wether or not i had the virus and i should have never been prescripved any antivirals without further testing.

If so, I would think I would have learned about this from my OBGYN during my pregnancies. Somewhere between 20 and 25% of the population get their herpes sores below the waist and somewhere between 50 and 80% of the population gets their herpes sores above the waist. If you factor in the number of people who have both herpes 1 and 2 at the same time, you are left understanding that at least 60% of the population has herpes simplex. One could opt for some common home remedies order to address such painful sores the nose. So I need help I dont know who to believe and i want anyone with experience in this to give me advice towards what your experiences have been. It is just breaking my heart that I can’t freely kiss my children the way I used to and am extremely cautious around them now. Including yourself.

Including myself. This second flare-up could come weeks or even years after the initial occurrence. Herpes and HPV are almost never included in routine testing for sexually transmitted infections. Some doctors have the attitude of “Almost everyone tests positive for herpes so why bother testing”. Unless you have specifically asked for a type-specific blood test for herpes such as the Western Blot test you have probably never had an accurate herpes test. Swabbing for the presence of herpes can and often does render false negative tests. It went away and I didn’t give it much thought.

The doctors told me twice that I didn’t have herpes before accurately testing me positive for herpes although I had already had a very obvious primary outbreak. I strongly encourage you to get a type-specific blood test for herpes if you believe that you don’t have herpes or are unsure of your herpes status. If you test negative for herpes it will allow you to make some decisions regarding safer sexuality to help keep you herpes free for the rest of your sexual history. If you test positive for herpes it will allow you to decide to treat your herpes and make safer sex choices to help you to not infect others and make this epidemic worse. Not only is it the ethical thing to do it is also the sane thing to do since herpes makes you more vulnerable to HIV and HPV and may have some possible links to certain types of cancer and alzheimers. If you don’t know you won’t get treatment. Knowledge is empowering.

Denial is irresponsible. Most people with herpes, maybe up to 70% don’t get noticeable outbreaks. You may be having sub-clinical (subtle) outbreaks or may be shedding virus asymptomatically (without symptoms). You could be infecting others with herpes without knowing it. Don’t be afraid of getting a herpes test. Herpes can be effectively treated by a combination of diet, stress reduction and herbal medicine or by drug therapy. There is no cure but it possible to go years between outbreaks.

Christopher Scipio is one of the most experienced holistic practitioners treating the Herpes virus. A homeopath and herbalist who hails from a long line of Caribbean natural healers, Scipio has during the last 15 years developed a very successful natural protocol in treating the Herpes family of viruses.