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I recently had unprotected sex with someone I have been dating. She’s had about 7 outbreaks. We can help. It does not ooze or scab over. Hi courty thanks for the reply, i told my gp about my herpes concern. The next night, not even 3 days later I went to one of those slumber partys for woman and tried a cream down below that is suppose to do something to your blood vessels? But after a friend share this video everything has changed.

Some women may feel uncomfortable discussing sexual concerns. It hurts to be touched. Its only been 8 weeks so im nit sure if its too early to test. The next day I looked again and there was now a white spot ( almost like a canker sore ) under the clitoris off to the side. The leg tingles only bothered me when sitting. Loss of desire for sex. My pubic hair is not unusually kinky or curly for a white person.

Just annoying aches or mild pains. Nothing is giong on inside my vagina..I have looked. I notice that you have a lot of posts and have given lots of advice here, thats awesome you take time to help people out. Pain when your genital area is touched or from sexual intercourse. I did some really stupid risky things before I met him and I have been tested for more serious STDs like HIV, chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis (all clean). Did it happen in the usual timeframe (2-20 days) afterwards? A yeast infection?

It is an ache on one side of my clitoris when pressure is applied and inner thigh tingles. Some are physical. So where should I get tested? They last a couple weeks, subside a few days, then come back. They disappeared for a week and a half and just started again today! I’m going to see a pelvic pain specialist in about 4 weeks.