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Cinema is an ever-evolving, ever-changing beast. Let’s give thanks to the information age for bringing some good old-fashioned karma back into the picture! Both of the infants were treated and survived. Of these, an annual estimated average of 348,558 hospitalizations had a DVT diagnosis and 277,549 had a PE diagnosis. TDA has confirmed the neurological form of EHV-1 in one case. That’s not a good word, but apparently it’s a good fact that a zebra-borne virus jumped from its host to an unfortunate polar bear at a zoo in Wuppertal, Germany. This trail ride event drew approximately 100 horses from multiple states.

Major League baseball fans will be very interested in the usual ho-hum awards dinner in Manhattan tonight organized by the New York Chapter of the Baseball Writers’ Association of America. Carraguard, a gel produced from seaweed that was developed by New York-based nonprofit group Population Council, flopped in 2008. Bam Margera truly is a “Jackass.” The prankster best known for his work with Johnny Knoxville reached a new low when he posted a photo on Twitter, holding a gun to his pit bull puppy’s head. Some of the things on this list might surprise you, especially when I cheat a little. During processing he was so aggressive, he had to immediately be put in a cell, police said. The company plans to study the product’s effectiveness against bacterial vaginosis, the most common vaginal infection in women of childbearing age, later this year, it said at the time. Three of the horses in MS have died or been euthanized and three are ill with the neurological disease.

Spoofmeisters Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, the duo behind Hollywood greats Date Movie, Meet the Spartans, and Vampires Suck, wrote the script and are directing the parody. Isolate and monitor your horse’s health for 7 to 10 days by obtaining a rectal temperature twice daily during this time. Contact your veterinarian if your horse’s temperature exceeds 101.5 degrees Fahrenheit or if other clinical symptoms develop.