New product, VivaGel, offers protection against STDs

Viral meningitis is common, but many cases go unreported, say researchers in this week’s British Medical Journal. The fact that such highly encephalitogenic strains of the herpes virus exist in nature has, at the moment, theoretical and practical importance. They both said, “But it was a really small cold sore that had almost gone away.” I advised them that even small cold sores can shed millions of viruses before and after they are in the vesicular, weeping stage. While this disease is a major cause of sea turtle stranding in Hawaiian waters and can be fatal, we also show that long-term tumor regression can occur even for turtles with advanced FP. Kudos to her gentleman friend, I say. The PAF for HSV-2 increased during the epidemics, while the PAF for curable STIs and the relative impact of syndromic management decreased. VivaGel does not protect against pregnancy.

But first we have to learn what’s killing the corals,” she says. Nevertheless, the numbers of HIV-infected persons who have coexisting STDs, or acquired them subsequent to an HIV diagnosis, are hard to measure. However, clinical trials, to date, suggest that this product will only be effective in women who have never been exposed to HSV-1, the virus that causes cold-sores, which will greatly limit its potential to control the herpes epidemic. To my knowledge, none of these products have been released, but will soon be available in Europe, the US, Australia, and, most recently, Japan. I think adding an antiviral gel to condoms is a brilliant idea, as it will give a little extra protection in case the condom breaks or falls off. The direct medical costs associated with HSV-2 infections in the US were estimated to be US$1.9 billion in 2003 and it is projected to rise to US$2.5 billion in the next decade. Although the impact in developed nations will be great, the team behind VivaGel is more excited about the impact it could have on the developing world where condom use is relatively rare.

The product gives women much greater control over their own health. For example, it would be easier for a woman to apply the gel to her vagina, without her partner even knowing, than it would be for her to convince her partner to wear a condom. In addition, her provider should artificially rupture the membranes and use fetal scalp electrodes only for rigorous obstetrical indications. 5, 2002 — Genital herpes increases the risk of cervical cancer — which kills thousands of women every year — by acting as an “accomplice” to another common virus that commonly causes this cancer. But there is no cure and no vaccine. I know that I, personally, like to go to the bathroom relatively soon before having sex so that I don’t get the urge while I’m in the middle of intercourse. That would be the perfect time to apply the gel.

Goldie, M.D., M.P.H., in the October 2002 Sexually Transmitted Diseases 29(10), pp. Abstract 272. “We grew up together. However, there are (hopefully) men who would be completely accepting of his partner using such a product, especially if he realized it would protect him as well. 3. To learn more about VivaGel and the people behind the company, check out this article.