Is This Growth on My Eye a Pinguecula?

Also there was an alarming amount of warnings telling me not to stick things in my eye… WHY WOULD I STICK THINGS IN MY EYE? Not in or around or even near my nether regions though, and i’m grateful for that, because that would be another brand of Hell. Never wavering; there was no hesitation as I danced seductively; looking more awkward than desirable. Since you ask only for eye color changes in adults, we can skip here the genetic reasons, as these show up in kids already. We are not medical doctors and cannot diagnose you. Sure enough, the doctor informed me I needed glasses, but had good news about the odd blistering on my eyeball. It wasn’t herpes.

Like the average American, I get the occasional cold sore on my lip, or just inside my nostril, and I have to say I’m feeling VERY attractive writing about this. Tim stared boldly, almost rudely, practically molesting me with his eyes. This can lead to insufficient signals towards the pigment production and heterochromia. Because eyes are so sensitive though, you will want to make an appointment with a healthcare provider sooner rather than later, and be honest with them about what happened so that they know there is a risk of a sexually transmissible infection, or STI, affecting your eyes. Pinguecula, pronounced pin-gweh-kyoo-luh, is an uncommon word, but it denotes a condition many adults will develop during their lifetimes. If visiting an optometrist or opthamologist isn’t on your annual to-do list, you may be left in the dark about this common affliction. I was careful.

What I hoped was a lovely smile was actually an angry grimace. Cancers: Some cancers as melanoma can also cause heterochromia, either when they are darker pigmented that the eye or when they are not pigmented. In some cases, these non-cancerous masses can grow into the corneal area, creating a condition called pterygium that can affect eyesight. They may appear yellowish, gray, or have no color. If you live in a sunny climate, you’ve probably seen them. The Law of Attraction reared its ugly head. Blinking back the tears, I was trying to not openly stare at his nakedness; but was failing horribly.

In the southern United States, as many as 15% of people develop the more advanced form (pterygium) during their lifetime, compared with 2% or less of people in the northernmost parts of the country. Growths occur on the exposed whites of the eyes, particularly where sunlight may be reflected off a person’s nose. In addition to sunlight, wind and other environmental conditions may contribute to pinguecula development. Arc welders, farmers, and frequent tanning all increase one’s risk of developing the disorder. Two weeks later, infection still raging, my sensitivity to light so intense I had to wear an eyepatch to tolerate daytime, I made another appointment. I don’t know how much time passed that we just stared at each other, memorizing every tantalizing detail. Patients may also notice dryness and itching.

Hyper-pigmentation (permanent darkening) of skin and/or hair often occurs in the same patients as well, though the two conditions aren’t directly related to each other. While optometrists and opthalmologists are more likely to discuss the condition with their patients, many general practitioners won’t even mention a pinguecula to their patients because the symptoms tend to be mild, the mass is expected to grow slowly over a period of years, and there are few treatment options. Sunlight reflections off water, metal, or snow, black lights, and tanning beds all direct ultraviolet (UV) light at your eyes. I insisted he check for herpes, as my intuition told me that’s damned well what it was. Instead, I was frozen. Pingueculae growth is too small to be seen in early stages. They become noticeable only after many exposures to sun reflections over a period of years.

By developing sun safety practices early in a child’s life, they’re more likely to avoid pingueculae as well as other sun-related conditions that can damage their skin. Good sun protection can help you and your family look younger and healthier. I don’t like wearing glasses.