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jj214 Member since Jan-18-11 37 posts Sep-14-11, 04:26 PM (CDST) “Scalp Follicles” I still to this day do not know what has been going on with my body since about a year and a half ago when I had protected sex with a women. There are, however, several infectious agents can cause hair loss, usually temporarily. It is most often seen in the beard area (called ‘barber’s itch’), the arms, back, buttocks and legs. While it’s unlikely you’ll catch an infection this way (it would be more of a risk if you were to, say, stick that cotton swab up your nose or in your mouth), it is pretty unsanitary. Did the juicer work? Deep folliculitis can result in crusted lesions, and scars (cicatricial alopecia). When there is a break in the skin, bacteria can enter the body and grow, causing inflammation and infection of the skin.

The thin yellow exudate dries forming a crust. But I am 37, mother of an 18 yr old daughter, a 6 yr old son, and 3 year old daughter. Hair loss from alopecia areata is not life threatening; however, the bald patches occur suddenly and recur unpredictably causing profound psychological disruptions in the lives of many people affected. Can be used for localized areas. I was a 38-year-old ‘health nut’ of a man not a 14-year-old junkfood-eating boy — I shouldn’t be getting acne spots! Such drugs can have serious side effects and should be used for as brief a time as possible. Staph aureus is the most frequent causative agent, but species of streptococcus, pseudomonas, proteus and coliform bacteria can also be implicated.

Now I had already begun to look up things like Polycystic ovary syndrome, but my labs always come back ok, nothing irregular on ultra sound when I was pregnant either, which I was already scaring on arms at that point. Due to exposure to various types of oils oil folliculitis may occur, usually on forearms and thighs. Hence it is very important to handle the pimples in the right way. This bacterium and folliculitis are almost synonymous to each other, as it is the agent behind most of the folluculitis cases. Antibiotics aren’t helpful in treating this type. They are sometimes confused with basal cell carcinoma. Avoid using hot water in order to minimize the production of oil and cause irritation of the infected follicles of hair.

If you experience headaches caused by muscle contractions, the contraction might really cause your scalp to harm. Please Google all these things, and I have way ore info to give if there is someone on the other end. Sugar though is really bad; it is a destroyer of the immune system. And about the testosterone it does not do any good to fake the body out with artificial estrogen, they say then your body completely shuts off your natural production… not absolute about it, but I’ve read to up estrogen to do so in your foods, and lower testosterone inducing foods, such as sugar….. Don’t use hair gels or waxes. Joe. Approximately 2% of all adult patient visits to the emergency department are for cutaneous abscesses.40 Abscesses are localized pyogenic infections occurring anywhere on the body and are caused by the bacteria that normally colonize the skin.

Half n half does have less sugar, even though it’s so much fat, but I love my breves now I actually like my breve latte with no syrups or sugar added and whip cream, I can actually taste the sugar in the half n half and whip cream, and other drinks are too much for me, but a cup of coffee brewed is something like 38mg of niacin and a single shot brewed espresso has 586 do… is you get a double or triple… you do the math, now this might not hurt everyone, say those who haven’t become toxic and need to do a total body cleans, liver cleans, heavy metal cleans, parasite, and yeast cleanse, but…. I get out and enjoy my life when I can. Sweat. A lot of sweat that seems random and adds to the sweat of daily living, this sweat though to someone with folliculitis is very damaging, as that it has all the toxins in it and with dry skin gets traps with the under developed hairs from lack of vitamins and too much sugars…. The fix: Lose the loofah. Ok So, there is a lot there to digest, and I want to say that I have been doing the natural thing for a few years have even made my own shampoos and hair /face care products, this is what I’ve found. Some of those treatments are listed below:Hot, moist compresses.

When I do have hives Sour cream always soothes them and pulls out the poisonous feeling drainage. Multiple hairshafts (5-12) may emerge from single dilated follicles. Every time you pic try to put a small piece of cold water towel on it. Just taking an iron supplement is not likely to stop hair loss. Now one thing you must try is organic coconut Milk, use it on your scalp, will make those lesions feel better and help the healing, use it all over your body, it take a sec to dry and I reapply on face sometimes I then lightly rinse face and reapply I’ve even used it under make up and it did great, you have to experiment with it to get it right, it smells a bit like others breast milk, but it’s so worth it, you can add to it some rose essential oil, the real stuff is very good for skin and face, sandalwood is gentle and heals scars, let’s see I use fruit of the earth aloe vera get in my hair and no other products put a little in after washing with a shampoo that has selenium sulfide you can get 1% over counter and 2.5 by prescription. So I just kept going, getting different types of supplement, trying different cleansing regimes, natural cures, supplements and so on. barbae&alt=sh.