The UltraMag 50 is the result of a joint effort by two shooting enthusiasts to make a new lightweight upper with a magazine.

Dennis Chaney and Dave Finnie have both been shooters for many years, and their combined past interests have covered most forms of shooting, from Black Powder through to competitive Benchrest rifles, culminating with the challenge of the 50BMG.

Dennis has for most of the past decade specialized to the building of prototype rifles as a hobby and has perfected the art of making short, lightweight but still very manageable 50BMG rifles.

Dennis Chaney

His past rifles are testimony to the fact that this large caliber does not need to be shot in a massive rifle if the muzzle brake operation is fast and efficient.

Dave carries out on a small scale basis, the custom manufacture and repair of mostly Benchrest and other long range rifles, but like Dennis he also became fascinated by the big 50 caliber.

Dave Finnie

During the past year or so they have shared ideas, and early in 2003 they decided to work together and use their combined experiences to see if they could come up with a new magazine fed upper for AR15/ M16 lowers.

Several makers had succeeded with single shot uppers, but there appeared to be an obstacle preventing a true bolt action repeater.

This challenge was the motivation behind what they now refer to as the

UltraMag 50

The basic design was soon formulated, modified and ultimately the successful prototype was produced by Dennis and Dave in Dennis's well equiped home workshop in Florida, between April and May of 2003.

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