Day Bang Review: Why Day Game is the Best Game

Believe it or not, women have a tough time divulging secrets, despite popular belief. I would do a annual check up but your main concern should be hiv. If you find yourself and not call!Don’t lie on your previous relationship. Herpes is a theoretical possiblity but also very low risk for any particular exposure. It did not burst as far as I could tell, and I removed it myself. Testing at this time will be accurate and will confirm that you do not have an STD from your encounter. HIV transmission needs to occur inside of the body through unprotected sex, and the condom you used protected your urethra and scratch from any sexual fluids that have the potential to harbour the HIV virus.Washing or disinfecting has no effect on preventing/facilitating HIV transmission.

Were fetishes a part of the action? Women spend several hours getting read to go to the club. This is equivalent to saying we have a 100-sided die, and we roll it twice a week for a year (I assume Friday and Saturday nights!). If there are no lesions, you could have a blood test drawn that would suggest whether or not you have recently been infected with Herpes Simplex. Whether the treatment of Herpes infection with antiviral drugs might slow the Alzheimer’s progression is not yet known, but is definitely worth investigating in clinical studies,” he explained. The harsh light will reveal the wrinkles on their foreheads. They also can occur inside the vagina and on the cervix in women, or in the urinary passage of women and men.

You get to honestly evaluate a woman’s attractiveness. Girls out during the day are generally “cleaner.” Club skanks are not out during the day. Hung over and with inflamed herpes sores, they hide from the sun. When you meet a chick during the day, you reduce your STD risk. Third (and this list could go to 100), unless you’re an alcoholic or don’t have a career, you’ll be able to meet more women during the day. I go out once or twice a week. I have a job, and even if I didn’t: Going out all the time is bad for your brain.

Party girl is synonymous with stupid for good reason. You really should stay in and read. Yet today I’ll stop by a coffee shop. I may even lounge, work, or read for a while. I’ll almost certainly be at a gym. I’ll also make a stop at Trader Joe’s for some fresh produce. If I limit myself to meeting women at night, I have one or two chances to meet women each week.

If I open my mind to meeting women during the game, I have several chances to meet women each day. Be honest about your age and location, and don’t worry about a photo if you don’t want to include one. Yet most men never pick up women during the day. List the name of the last five girls you’ve banged. Did you meet any of those women during the day?