9 Sex Scandals That Make Rex Ryan’s Look Normal

Sadly, the end of NFL season is here. The attorneys did not provide any information as to when the agreement was reached or terms of the resolution. Signing Lawrence Taylor as spokesman, a player who then goes out and calls players of today a bunch of “pussies”. I have always liked Michael Vick the football player. During this process, we’ve learned that Vick used the nickname “Ron Mexico” when seeking treatment for his condition. Anyway, so when I took the picture, the Falcons were just coming back from the halftime break and I went down to the rail behind there bench and turned my back so they all could see it — I think Vick even is in the background. That may be true, or he may be a lying sociopath who duped his way into national media coverage.

I haven’t been this proud of them since they gave The Golden Arm of Todd Collins 9 million dollars last offseason. At the other end of the spectrum lies Big Ben, who has long seemed weird and creepy to women, but also threatening and disrespectful. So when talking to the police, Plaxico used the name Harris Smith. The face of the Steelers was looking pretty bad. Lee recently tweeted: “O STONE dirX V1CK?! And let’s not forget the water bottle incident. Tiger Woods Escalades, domestic abuse (courtesy of Elin), illicit texting, and Ambien sex.

Both the Falcons and the NFL have taken steps to limit the fallout from the Ron Mexico scandal. This one has all the trappings of a headline editor’s wet dream. While the fallout was largely anticlimactic, there was a period in December when seemingly every day, a new woman would come forward and add fuel to the fire. All this talk of the Tiger sex scandal is making me nostalgic. How long do the parties involved have to heal before we can get a reunion with Tiger and his (at least) 13 women? 7. Tonya Harding – At the 1994 Olympics, Harding hired a gang of thugs to injure rival ice skater Nancy Kerrigan.

Her caddie, Gary Robinson, was, well, her caddie. Bam! Gary ended up getting involved with Jackie, and, after two months, knocked her up. This content is published for the entertainment of our users only. How does a human-being treat dogs or any animal with such pain and cruelty? Get it? All-Pro 2K8 is due out on the same day as Madden, and for me, this one’s a no brainer.

That’s something, right? There was an enormous vein running down about three inches of the backside of this stick (or perhaps the whole stick is backside?)  The burn was pretty even throughout. Brett Favre While we are certainly a long way from finding the truth out here, if we ever do, there is certainly enough suspect activity here to take down the NFL’s poster boy of the past 20 years. Surprise Team– Portland Trailblazers– They’re all young, but have tons of talent and they can play with any team in the West. It has since appeared to morph into a pattern of behavior, also featuring a recent lawsuit against Favre and the Jets for sexually harassing their masseuses. While it’s sadly unsurprising that NFL players would harass women paid to rub them, the fact that Favre was involved leads us to believe that he wasn’t the person we thought he was, or New York did some bad things to Brett in a short period of time. Well, it’d be great at parties and for a good laugh.

3. Ron Mexico! Remember when Michael Vick was just regarded as sleazy and not evil? That’s just how your suppose to celebrate a dirty 30. A few years back, Michael Vick was looking at the business end of a civil suit for allegedly proceeding to have unprotected sex with a woman, though he new of his herpes infection. Tricky situation there, Mike. Imagine that you are forced to live in a cage, like the dogs you tortured and killed were.

2. The Aston Villa Voyeurs Two Aston Villa footballers (Dwight Yorke and Mark Bosnich) had the bright idea to split a house and wire it up with camera, creating the ultimate voyeuristic experience. Little did they know that their experience wouldn’t just be enjoyed by them, but rather the entire sports media. While there were some “conventional” group sex scenes, the real scene stealer was Bosnich, on tape, wearing a skirt and getting whipped. How did the video get found? It was pulled out of their trash. Whoops.

1. Yankees Players Trade Wives The 70’s were a hell of a time. I’m guessing. I wasn’t born yet. But the rumors of wife-swapping and free love were very real, as two Yankees scrubs can attest. Apparently the pinstriped Fritz Peterson and Mike Kekich found the grass to always be greener on the other side. They attended a swingers party, did each other’s wives (as was the style at the time), then decided they liked the arrangement so much that they wanted to stay wife swapped.

Which they did. Ahhhh…simpler times. Actually, no. Much more complex times.